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EEMCS Recruitment Days

This is a recruitment day offered at the Technical University of Delft, to enable students to connect with leading companies. The students can register for this event for free and can get the opportunity to meet company representatives. The interaction could enable the students to enquire about potential internship or employment options. The students get the chance for one to one interaction with people who are working in the industry. Students can understand what the market situation is and what is that the industry require at the moment. Moreover they can gain professional relationship with many professionals from their respective field of interest or study.


The event is not just about students meeting company representatives, but a lot of other trainings are also provided. There is a CV workshop where students get training on how to create an attractive and professional resume. This is very crucial as the CV is the one things that can make a difference between being called for an interview and thrown into the trash along with large pile of other resumes. With the CV prepared,the students can register at my.eemcs.com and upload their CV. The CV will be reviewed and the students are given the chance to select the companies that they are interested in. Also the students can select their availability dates for the recruitment days. After the recruitment day and meeting with the representatives, there will be drinks session for the students and recruiters where they can interact in a more personal and friendly way.


Testimonials from the students have shown that the EEMCS event is a great success and it is of great help for students in achieving some of their academic and professional goals. For the year 2015, almost 40 companies attended the event and more than 250 students were selected for a job or an internship opportunity. Moreover many students were also referred by the company representatives for other matching profiles in other companies. This year it is expected that more companies would attend the event and thus more students could find a job through the event.

The Dutch Elementary Course

It’s always a good thing to know a new language. In our case, it is not just good but important that we know Dutch. Knowing doesn’t mean that we have to be a Dutch language expert, but, at least able to say Hi to a Nederlander. So what can we do to start picking up Dutch? In this era of technology, it is very easy to get started. There are online websites and mobile applications like Duolingo that you can use to get started. Then there is a Dutch course that the university offers to the students. It is called The Dutch Elementary Course.

This course is offered to the students in all the quarters and students can enroll for them if they are interested. As learning a new language during somebody’s adulthood is a little tough task, the Dutch course is quite taxing. Students should invest a decent amount of their time to master the course. The course offers two classes per week. The classes are offered either during the afternoon or in the evening. Each of the lessons lasts for an hour and immediately after the class students have to take the listening test of the chapters. On average students are expected to spend like 8 hours per week for the preparation of the chapters apart from the lectures and test. During the class, the students and the teachers converse only in Dutch. In the beginning, it feels strange and tough, but over time students gets used to it. Soon students will find it interesting to construct the sentences using the words that they had picked up from the class and from what they have learned from the book. When students get stuck with their sentence, the teacher will help the students to complete their sentence. It helps the students to break the ice to start speaking dutch to another person. I believe this is the only chance an international student could get to start trying their Dutch knowledge. Out of fear, many won’t start trying their Dutch to a Dutch national, but in the class, they can try that on their fellow classmates.

The course is offered not only for the TU Delft students, but also for other people. The students cannot be absent without genuine reasons and they have to inform the lecturer in prior before their absence. The minimum attendance required to pass this course is 80%. What the course experts advice the new students interested in taking this course is that the students first see what their timetable is for that particular quarter. Only if the students can reserve the expected hours out of their schedule, they should enroll for the course. Because if somebody enrolled for the course and dropped it in the middle, he cannot enroll for that course again and he misses his golden opportunity to learn the Dutch language.For enrolling for the course the students have to take a preliminary test of the first three chapters of the book.It is also important that students buy the book “The Delftse Methode”. It is mandatory that all students have this book and they should use it during their class.

De Delftse Bedrijvendagen DDB

The Delft Bedrijvendagen is a very important opportunity for the students of Tu Delft to interact with people from various industry. A large number of companies attend the DDB event and they are looking for interns and research students. The students also get the chance find internships of their liking. Fortunate students can even find jobs with some of these companies.

Apart from meeting with experienced persons from the industry, DDB offers various other training and session that are very useful for students preparing for their job search. Application training helps students in preparing a good resume. The best part is that the students can get their resumes verified by people who are doing exactly the same job for their respective companies. The students get a taste of how exactly a recruiter looks into a resume and what kind of qualities are they looking for. Based on the feedback, the students are able to fine tune their resumes so that they stand out from the big pile of resumes that the recruiters get every day.

There are also other sessions where students are given training on how to prepare for an interview. They are instructed on how to answer the questions of the interviewers. Also, they are educated on how they should present themselves on the day of the interview. Important factors such as the professional attire, body language, eye contact and so on are discussed in the training. The students can also upload the resume that they have prepared, at the online portal. The companies review these uploaded resumes and potential students are contacted for discussion about a job or an internship offer.

This year it is expected that around 150 companies are attending the DDB event. About two-thirds of all the graduating students of Tu Delft visited the fair and a good number were successful in finding a job or an internship. Also, this is also a boost to the professional network of the students. There are even incidents where one company representative referred one student to another company which had the kind of position that the student was looking for.

Be Involved

Every person wants his or her life to be enthusiastic and lively.People do a lot of things to keep their life occupied and keep away the boredom. These extracurricular activities are a must at the Delft university as the study pressure that the students have to go through needs to be released at some point in time. A lot of opportunities are available for all the students at the university. Students are given a chance to practice their hobbies and passion at the university. The university gives equal importance to the personal life of the students. There are ample holidays after the exams where the students can relax.

A major contribution towards this from the university is the sport and culture centre.Here the students can practice their favorite sport and even be a part of the university team. With a very reasonable cost, students can enjoy a good quality sporting facility. Apart from the sports, there is also a cultural centre where the students can practice and improve their skills in art. The students get a chance to taste the various forms of art that they are new to. As the university has a vast diversity of nationality, everyone can see and learn and enjoy art forms from various parts of the world.The university also provides skilled trainers for various activities for students if they wish to learn a new art form. There are often free tryouts organised at the sports and cultural centre where students can try their shot at various activities for free.

There are also various other academic projects happening at the university organised by different departments. Students who are interested and skilled can join these projects and this would help them in improving their practical and academic skills.These activities also help students to achieve extra knowledge which they may not get from their lectures.Also, there are various seminars and workshops conducted at the university and students can pick them as per their interests.

Also to spiritually enrich the students, there is an international students chaplaincy where students from various universities in Delft join hands together and live spiritually. It is open to all religion and is an opportunity to meet people from various parts of the world and understand their culture and tradition. This also helps them in building their professional network which is a very crucial aspect in their professional life.

At Delft, you just have to decide that you want to do something more and there is always options and possibilities to make that happen. Due to the vast diversity that you can find at Delft, you are sure to get expert advice and help in all matters.

The Much Needed Help

At the delft university of technology, you are never on your own. There is always a help available for you. whatever it be, say your career, finding a job, help with your studies, help with your thesis there is always a medium to help you out in your needs. For any student especially the international students, it is a blessing from the side of the university. For example, the library at the university has an impressive collection of books that the students can use for their studies and as a backup option students can buy books from ETV at a discounted price. Morover there are digital versions of many of the books that the students can read anytime online.

Another major help that is available is the various activities organised by the university for helping students find a job or an internship. There are a lot of workshops held at the university for the students to receive information on the job market and advices on how to sell themselves. The best part of these are that most of them are free of cost. Students get a chance to meet people who have industry experience and students can ask them questions about how things work in the real job market. There are a lot of training given to students on how to prepare for an interview and what do the employers expect from applicants and so on. Another major help is with that for the preparation of resume and motivation letter. A good looking resume and a motivation letter make the difference between a successful internship and a rejection. Its is very crucial for any students to prepare a resume that highlights his or her skills and achievements. At the career centre at the university, students can consult with the experts there and discuss on how they can improve their resume and motivation letter. Students can actually walk in during lunch hours and they don’t have to make an appointment always. Once students have prepared a sample resume and motivation letter, they can get it verified by the career centre and can avoid potential mistakes that the students usually make in their resume and cover letters.

The New Experience!

As an international student, the life at Tu Delft is always a new experience in all respect. The culture, the people, the places, the language and especially the weather. It will take a while for any new student to blend into this new environment. The question is how fast are you to adapt and blend in.

When it comes to the weather in Delft, it is a big challenge for any international student. It can rain any moment and you should be expecting it always. It is always a good idea to keep a rain gear ready in your bag. You cannot see any of the professors being absent or coming late for the lectures, giving excuse for the weather. Apparently its always the professors who waits for the students to reach the classrooms. I could be very windy also with the rain. So the survival mantra would be to beat the weather. So how can you beat nature? Here is where the efficiency of the Dutch comes into play. They realized that, they are a small country and if they gave excuses to the weather, they cannot excel and progress. So they thought about ways to stay ahead of the weather. They also realized how technology has become an integral part of their life. They developed technologies that could enable them to survive with basis on technology. One important example is the accuracy of weather forecast in the Netherlands. We have mobile applications such as Buienradar that is accurate to the levels of minutes. The people depend on these technologies to plan their life. They plan all their activities for a day based on the weather of that particular day. For example, if people see that it is going to rain in half an hour from now, they would start to work now and reach office before the rain or they would start to the shopping mall and do their shopping when it raining outside. The weather application combined with the travel applications can precisely schedule your daily life without any hustle.


When it comes to facing the new facts, one crucial example is the approach towards the examination in the university. As an international student, I must say it was completely new experience for me to face the exams. The questions are formatted in such a way that they questions you or makes you understand what good or benefit you could make out of them in your life. They are focused more application than on the theory. But that doesn’t mean that they avoid the theory behind them. The theories are well explained to the students in simple ways as possible. So the best practice for a student at the university would be to consult their seniors. There are also a lot of resources available to look into the past year’s question to get an idea about how they design the questions. Also the students can ask directly to the professors as to what kind of questions are they supposed to expect. Most of the time, the last class of a subject before the exam are a questions and answer session where the students can ask question to the professors about the parts they are not very clear and the type of questions to expect. Any another very important change I found is that the students are not supposed to learn by heart the difficult equations, but to apply them in the appropriate ways in the questions. Students would be provided with a formulae sheet for the exam and they can always look up the equations from them.

A new begining.

I am Ashish Kurian from India. I was born and raised in India. I did my undergraduate from the state of Kerala in telecommunications engineering. It was my childhood dream to go abroad for my master studies. After my graduation I got a lucrative job in the software industry and I was happy about it. But after some time at work, the urge in me to do my masters started kicking again. When I told my colleagues about my wish, they thought that I was crazy and why should I be leaving such a secured and well paid job and enter into a risk. I asked myself what I wanted for me and decided that I should chase my dream. Then I discussed this with my family and they gave me all the support and inspiration. With my family’s backing, I quit my job immediately without even having an admit result from any of the universities. My chances of making into the Tu Delft was very slim based on the previous year’s admit statistics and two weeks past my resignation day, the Tu Delft surprised me with an admit. Voila! That was a great relief for me from the anxiety of not having a job or an admit.

Now with the admit in hand, I started researching more about the reputation of the university and everywhere I found only positive reviews. Then I realized that some of my seniors in school were already studying at the Tu or has already graduated. Then I consulted them regarding my options after graduating from the Tu. I was informed that there are cheaper options available at Germany but it is worth to do the masters at Tu Delft over the cheaper options that I had in Germany. Also I realized that it is not an easy task to land a job after graduation and we have to work hard and search intensively to find it. My seniors told me that the master’s course at the Tu Delft is not going to be an easy one like many other universities in some other countries. I realized that I have to be well organized and up to date on my studies to stay on the flow at the university and I will be assigned with challenging tasks and homework as part of my curriculum. I made up my mind and said myself that “well, everything doesn’t come easy in life and we have to earn it sometimes.”

Now there comes the day of flying to the Netherlands and comes the qualms of my decision. Should I leave India, my job and my family and take up the new venture?. These were exactly the questions that were going on in my head. What added to my anxiety was that it was my first international flight. I am going to a new country and especially a country in which English is not the primary language. All these added to my misery and I thought my head was going to explode out of all these thoughts. Then I told myself that I should stay strong and will face anything as it comes. After all the worst could happen to me is that I have to take a flight back to India. With this in my head, I boarded the flight and landed at the Schiphol airport. I was told that the students will be received at a particular location at the airport and I arrived at that spot one hour early. Then as soon as the specified time has come, I saw a blue balloon rising up in that corner and believe me that was the most beautiful balloon I had ever seen in my life. I felt a lot of relief and all of a sudden I thought I am no longer a stranger in that airport and there is somebody to represent from my side.

From there everything went very smooth and we students were treated like a herd of sheep and somebody from the university were there to guide us everywhere. They were looking after us even when we students had to cross the roads. It seemed futile to me at the first place, but when I thought about it, I found it was absolutely necessary. We are a bunch of international students from almost all the continents and with different rules in their country and thus it was an absolute necessity to help the students cross the road according to the rules in the Netherlands. After that we were taken into the bus and we started to the university and there we were warmly welcomed by our fellow senior students. They took care of our entire luggage and inside the Aula, we were treated with a box of snacks. After long flight of 14 hours as in my case, getting some fresh water to drink and something to put in your stomach were the priority. After the snacks, without much delay, we were given the initial instructions and keys to our room and we were taken by our senior students on cars to our rooms. After settling in my room, I started to think about all that happened on that day. Form an anxious morning to a relaxed mid-day, I started feeling delft a home away from home.


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